Security Testing

At NetSPI, we’re passionate about delivering high-end security testing and vulnerability assessment services custom-tailored to your unique requirements.

Application Security Testing Application Security Testing (mobile)
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Unparalleled manual ethical hacking and static application security testing (SAST) services encompassing mobile, web, and thick client applications. NetSPI delivers the support you need to put the right people, processes, and tools in place to get the highest level of security you need to mitigate risk.

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Network Security Testing Network Security Testing (mobile)
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Comprehensive internal and external network penetration testing services to identify unknown vulnerabilities across your cloud, network, and IoT environment. NetSPI combines automated testing with manual verification of findings to identify exposures, including architecture and virtualization review, and pentesting.

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Security Testing - Attack Simulation Security Testing - Attack Simulation (mobile)
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Attack Simulation Services

Companies continue investing in security without knowing if configurations are implemented correctly. NetSPI’s services include Red Team security, Adversarial Simulation, social engineering, and detective controls testing to help assess your investment in collaborative or real-life attack scenarios. NetSPI offers better visibility and benchmarking across your attack surface to improve your organization’s security posture.

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Program Development Program Development (mobile)
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Advisory Services

Organizations’ attack surface continuously changes, and any organizations conduct internal and external testing of web applications and network infrastructure, often times leveraging both internal resources and third-parties to do so. With the continued increase in high-profile vulnerabilities, threats, and breaches, most organizations have come to realize the need for a comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) Program. NetSPI’s Advisory Services are designed around a framework that can be leveraged to help clients evaluate and improve their overall TVM program measurement and maturity.

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