Application Penetration Testing

Our application penetration testing services identify, validate, and prioritize security vulnerabilities in your web apps, mobile apps, thick client apps, and virtual applications.

Application Penetration Testing

Get Ahead of a Breach

Your most important applications deserve expert penetration testing. NetSPI’s dynamic application security testing experts leverage highly specialized cybersecurity testing tools, custom application penetration testing setups, and ethical hacking techniques to find and exploit application security gaps, and prioritize the most important security vulnerabilities for you.

Web Application Penetration Testing

NetSPI identifies security vulnerabilities in the network, system, and application layers of a web application that allow us to escalate user privilege, manipulate data, and gain access to restricted functionality or data. We manually verify all exploitable and significant vulnerabilities.

During our web application penetration testing service, NetSPI evaluates your web app for security vulnerabilities, and provides actionable guidance for remediating the vulnerabilities and improving your organization’s application security risk posture.

NetSPI identifies vulnerabilities in your mobile application infrastructure that make your organization susceptible to an external or internal cybersecurity threat.

NetSPI pentests your mobile applications on Android and/or iOS for vulnerabilities. We evaluate the target application from the perspective of both anonymous and authenticated users and manually pentest for security controls in four essential areas: file system, memory, network communications, and GUI.


Thick Client Application Penetration Testing

NetSPI uses multi-vector pentesting to identify vulnerabilities within interactive and headless thick client applications deployed on Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS. NetSPI’s approach to thick app penetration testing includes reviewing server-side and client-side controls, data communication paths, data storage, and authorization/authentication best practices.

For applications that are hosted, or use cloud services, NetSPI has an additional set of penetration tests to ensure the application deployment and cloud environments are secure.

Virtual Application Penetration Testing

During virtual application penetration testing, NetSPI identifies the risks specific to applications published through virtualization platforms and uses traditional application penetration testing to help ensure that your company is protecting its attack surface while adapting to evolving business needs.

During virtual application breakout assessments, NetSPI identifies cybersecurity vulnerabilities that provide unauthorized access to the operating system through applications published via virtualization platforms such as Citrix and VMware.

AppSec as a Service

NetSPI’s AppSec as a Service helps our clients manage multiple areas of their application security program. By partnering with NetSPI to manage your application security program, you can free up your team members’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives, while NetSPI provides support of day-to-day application security operations.

This appsec service combines the power of technology through our Resolve™ vulnerability management and orchestration platform and our leading application security consulting services to ensure you can build and manage a world-class application security program. Partner with NetSPI to drive your application security program forward and meet your cybersecurity objectives.

Application Security Resources

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Risk scoring is now available to all PTaaS clients! Download this whitepaper to explore NetSPI's methodology and learn how to put your risk score to use.