Meet The NetSPI Agents

Get to know the 250+ in-house security experts who specialize in everything from web apps to AI. This team represents the deep domain expertise that reinforces NetSPI’s quality no matter the focus of your security program.

250+ In-house security experts with the right credentials for your program

Headshot of Andy Acer

Andy Acer

Director, Mobile Application Pentesting

Headshot of Sam Beaumont

Sam Beaumont

Director, Transportation, Mobility & Cyber-Physical Systems

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Thomas Elling

Director, Cloud Pentesting

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Karl Fosaaen

VP, Research

Headshot of

Eric Gruber

Director, Attack Surface Management

Headshot of

Giles Inkson

Director, Services – EMEA

Headshot of Andre Joseph

Andre Joseph

Director, Thick Application Pentesting

Headshot of

Sam Kirkman

Director, EMEA

Headshot of

Antti Rantasaari

Sr. Director, Application Security

Headshot of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Director, Web Application Pentesting

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Patrick Sayler

Director, Social Engineering

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Paroksh Sharma

Director, Secure Code Review

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Scott Sutherland

VP, Research

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Larry “Patch” Trowell

Director, Hardware and Embedded Systems

Headshot of

Josh Weber

Director, Network Pentesting

Headshot of

Rich Wolferd

Director, Red Team

Headshot of

Philip Young

Director, Mainframe