Your trusted partner in proactive security

At NetSPI, we understand the importance of trust in cybersecurity. We are your allies in the battle for trust, dedicated to ensuring a secure and compliant environment for your organization and fostering a relationship built on confidence and reliability.

Our approach to security compliance

Our approach to security compliance is rooted in transparency, expertise, and cutting-edge technologies. We employ rigorous methodologies to safeguard your sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Encryption & data masking

We employ strong encryption algorithms to protect client data at rest and in transit, ensuring it remains unreadable to unauthorized individuals. We also use data masking techniques to anonymize sensitive information during testing processes, maintaining confidentiality while allowing for effective vulnerability assessments.

Access control & authentication

Strict access control measures are enforced to restrict access to customer data only to authorized personnel, with multi-factor authentication adding an extra layer of security. Regular review and updating of user permissions align with the principle of least privilege, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Secure development practices

Our adherence to secure coding practices and established security guidelines throughout the development process ensures the identification and mitigation of common security vulnerabilities. Thorough code reviews and vulnerability assessments are conducted to proactively address potential security flaws, with robust testing environments simulating real-world attack scenarios to protect customer data.

250+ In-house security experts with the right credentials for your program