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Press Releases | June 13, 2024

NetSPI Acquires Hubble, Adds CAASM to Complement its Industry-Leading EASM and Extend its Proactive Security Portfolio

Learn how NetSPI’s proactive security customers will benefit from cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) and improved asset intelligence and inventory.

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NetSPI in the News | June 4, 2024

CSO: Breach and attack simulation tools: Top vendors, key features, how to choose

CSO recently included NetSPI as one of the top nine breach and attack simulation (BAS) tools and vendors on the market.

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NetSPI in the News | June 4, 2024

Forbes: What CEOs Need To Know About AI And Cybersecurity In 2024

NetSPI’s President and CEO Aaron Shilts was featured in Forbes, highlighting how the human element is often the most vulnerable aspect of an organization’s cybersecurity program, especially given the recent rise in AI.

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NetSPI in the News | May 20, 2024

TechFinitive: Interview with Nick Walker, Regional Director, EMEA at NetSPI

NetSPI’s Regional Director of EMEA Nick Walker was featured in TechFinitive’s “Threats” cybersecurity interview series.

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| May 9, 2024

Times of India: NetSPI Accelerates Proactive Security Innovation in Pune

On May 9, 2024, NetSPI’s proactive security platform launch and rapid growth in India was featured in The Times of India.

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Press Releases | May 7, 2024

NetSPI Wins Two Global InfoSec Awards at RSA Conference 2024 

The Global Infosec Awards honors NetSPI for the “Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” and “Next Gen Breach & Attack Simulation” solutions.

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NetSPI in the News | May 2, 2024

The Cyber Security Recruiter Podcast: Leo Pate III

NetSPI Senior Managing Consultant Leo Pate III was interviewed by The Cyber Security Recruiter Podcast.

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Press Releases | May 1, 2024

NetSPI Goes All-In on Proactive Security, Unveils Unified Platform

Read about The NetSPI Platform, which delivers proactive security with more clarity, speed, and scale. Plus, get a first look at the new NetSPI brand!

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NetSPI in the News | April 18, 2024

Healthcare Dive: The aftermath of Change: Two experts on how healthcare organizations can prevent the next cyberattack

Healthcare Dive Q&A with NetSPI’s Managing Director, Phil Morris on the detrimental cyberattack that impacted UnitedHealth-owned Change Healthcare.

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Press Releases | April 2, 2024

NetSPI Achieves Prestigious CBEST Accreditation, Solidifying Its Position as a Trusted Leader in Financial Services Security Testing

NetSPI earns CBEST accreditation, a top financial security standard, equipping it to provide elite penetration testing and red teaming services.

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NetSPI in the News | March 26, 2024

SafetyDetectives: Interview With Nabil Hannan – Field CISO at NetSPI

SafetyDetectives recently conducted a Q&A with NetSPI’s Field CISO Nabil Hannan on the evolving cybersecurity landscape, diving in on some of the biggest challenges in securing AI/ML models, the rise of AI FOMO, and the ins and outs of his role as a Field CISO.

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NetSPI in the News | March 25, 2024

Expert Insights: Top 9 Breach And Attack Simulation Solutions

NetSPI BAS was recognized in Expert Insights’ list of top 10 breach and attack simulation solutions.

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