Hardware & integrated systems penetration testing

Our hardware & integrated systems penetration testing services find critical security vulnerabilities that could put your Internet of Things (IoT), ATMs, automotive technology, medical devices, operational technology, and other cyber-physical systems, hardware, and embedded devices at risk of a cyberattack.

Full-stack security assessments & penetration testing across industries

Cyber-physical systems

Penetration testing for cyber-physical systems targets vulnerabilities in systems merging physical processes and cyber elements like industrial control systems (ICS), Industrial IoT (IIoT), and key utilities. It aims to assess risks against system integrity, uptime, and confidentiality, preventing manipulation, service disruption, or damage to assets.

Our industry expertise includes:

  • Transportation (Automotive, Locomotive, Maritime, Aviation & Aerospace)
  • Infrastructure & Utilities
  • ICS/OT

Hardware & embedded devices

Penetration testing for hardware & embedded devices aims to assess vulnerabilities in systems and components. We review for risks which contribute to breaches, data leaks, or disruptions, securing the embedded systems critical to our digital world.

Our device expertise includes:

  • Medical devices
  • IoT
  • ATMs
  • Smart home

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