Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

Create a holistic view of your rapidly evolving attack surfaces and tackle asset and exposure management challenges with CAASM. Following the acquisition of Hubble’s agentless CAASM solution, NetSPI will equip organizations with visibility across data, users, and devices, while helping them easily identify and prioritize risks to accelerate remediation efforts.

Improve asset inventory and exposure management

CAASM provides organizations with visibility into internal and external assets, providing them with the capability to collect, correlate, and minimize vulnerabilities and exposures. Key benefits of CAASM include: 

Create a holistic view of all assets and their interconnectivity

Create a dynamic, continuously updated map of all assets. Capturing these assets, and mapping their relationships, is key to understanding a full view of potential risks to your entire environment.

Identify, validate, and prioritize potential exposures for internal and external facing assets

Contextualizing all assets, and understanding their relationship to your security controls, is critical to identifying potential asset exposures. The ability to continuously identify security control and coverage gaps, vulnerabilities, and data inconsistencies means you can focus your attention on critical risks.

Accelerate audit compliance reporting with more comprehensive asset and security control data

IT compliance, governance, and audit reporting are challenging and time consuming. The ability to create a comprehensive picture of your risk gives you the visibility you need to comply with and report on adherence to your controls.

You deserve The NetSPI Advantage

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Intelligent process

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Advanced technology

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