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Vulnerabilities Reported

Technology Enabled Service Delivery

Increased Speed to Remediation

PTaaS powered by Resolve™​ helps organizations fix their vulnerabilities faster than traditional pen testing. Resolve™ houses all vulnerability data and provides remediation guidance for real-time access and assessment. In addition, customers can communicate with NetSPI security experts via the platform for additional clarity, to request remediation testing, or to scope a new engagement.

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Real-Time, Enriched Reporting

Gone are the days of managing multiple static PDF reports with out-of-date vulnerability information. With PTaaS, organizations can access their data in real-time as vulnerabilities are found by the NetSPI team of experts, and easily generate custom reports as desired.

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Manual Testing

NetSPI’s team of highly skilled employees continue their award-winning service of deep-dive manual penetration testing as automated pen testing and scanners will only ever find a portion of an organization’s vulnerabilities. While automation creates efficiencies, the human touch is also necessary to identify potentially high and critical severity threats that can only be discovered by manual testing.

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Continuous Testing

Organizations with a mature security program understand that point-in-time testing is not a viable model to continuously secure their applications and networks. New code and configurations are released every day, and PTaaS’s continuous security program delivers results to customers around the clock, enabling them to manage their vulnerabilities easier and more efficiently.

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