Work with the Offensive Security Leader for All Your Advisory Needs

  • Security Program Management
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Cybersecurity Threat Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Assessment
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Incident Response Tabletop
  • Dark Side Ops Penetration Testing Training
Ransomware Readiness Bundle

Bundle BAS & IR Tabletop and Save 30%

Continuously run customized ransomware scenarios and continue improving your detection, response, and recovery capabilities with NetSPI’s Ransomware Readiness bundle. This bundle gives you insight into real-world ransomware technique visibility coverage and allows you to run IR tabletop exercises based on actual detective controls, beyond what’s just on paper.

The NetSPI Approach
  • Assess current cybersecurity program structure & maturity
  • Review current business objectives
  • Discuss compliance requirements
  • Determine end-to-end security goals
  • Align security goals with business goals
  • Establish timeline & budget
  • Develop comprehensive, strategic cybersecurity roadmap
  • Enable teams with actionable information
  • Collaborate to implement on-going, sustainable improvements

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments Answer Your Most Important Questions

  • What are my organization’s most critical cybersecurity needs?
  • Where should I focus my resources and budget?
  • What are the threats against my most critical assets?
  • How do I protect my assets most effectively?
  • How can I proactively prepare for future security challenges?
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