NetSPI values providing content across a variety of different mediums while contributing to the infosec community with diverse webinar content.

CVE-2020-17049: Kerberos Bronze Bit Attack – Explained and Exploited

In this presentation, NetSPI's Jake Karnes explains the inner workings of CVE-2020-17049: The Kerberos Bronze Bit Attack.

Automated Social Engineering for the Antisocial Engineer

NetSPI's Patrick Sayler originally gave this presentation at BSides Portland, but don't miss this extended cut version!

The Adoption of Emerging AppSec Technology – Cyber Security Digital Summit

Watch our on-demand session from Cyber Security Digital Summit, "The Adoption of Emerging AppSec Technology: A Possible Shift to the Right."

Getting Started on Application Security – Cyber Security Summit

Watch our webinar from Cyber Security Summit, "Getting Started on Application Security," by NetSPI's Managing Director, Nabil Hannan, on-demand now.

Extreme Makeover AppSec Edition – Black Hat 2020

Did you miss Black Hat USA 2020? Watch our webinar, "Extreme Makeover: AppSec Edition," by NetSPI's Managing Director, Nabil Hannan, and Product Manager, Jake Reynolds, on-demand now.

Why zOS Mainframe Security Matters

Mainframes run the global economy and are at the heart of the many of the world’s largest financial organizations.

From Governance to Implementation to Results

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the building blocks of great security programs from governance, automation, implementation models, and more.

Host-Based Security: Staying Secure While Your Employees Work from Home

Watch this on-demand webinar to make sure you are vulnerability management program is covering the right bases to help mitigate some of the implicit risks associated with a remote workforce.

AWS Penetration Testing: Common Entry Points and Escalations

In this webinar, NetSPI's Cody Wass will cover some of the common vulnerabilities that can provide penetration testers with access to AWS environments and more.

Vulnerability Management Best Practices for Mergers & Acquisitions

During this on-demand webinar, NetSPI Managing Director, Nabil Hannan, will dive into critical vulnerability management considerations for your M&A activity.

SQL Server Hacking Tips for Active Directory Environments Webinar

During this presentation, NetSPI's Scott Sutherland covers common ways to target, exploit, and escalate domain privileges through SQL Servers in Active Directory environments.

Securing The Cloud: Top Down and Bottom Up

As organizations continue to move to the cloud for hosting applications and development, security teams must protect multiple attack surfaces, including the applications and cloud infrastructure.

Attacking SQL Server CLR Assemblies

Watch this on-demand webinar on Attacking SQL Server CLR Assemblies with NetSPI’s Scott Sutherland.

Adventures in Azure Privilege Escalation Webinar

During this webinar, NetSPI’s Karl Fosaaen will cover some of the common initial Azure access vectors, along with a handful of escalation paths for getting full control over an Azure tenant.

Scaling Your Security Program with Penetration Testing as a Service

Your organization is always-on and your security should be too. Learn how Penetration Testing as a Service scales and operationalizes continuous pentesting in an ongoing, consumable fashion.

Best Practices to Protect Your Organization’s Cloud Assets

Nearly every organization is talking about moving to the Cloud, developing a strategy to move to the Cloud, moving to the Cloud, or already all in on the Cloud. Join two of NetSPI’s cloud security experts, Practice Director Karl Fosaaen and CISO/Managing Director Bill Carver to learn if your cloud assets are as protected as you think.

Attacking Modern Environments through SQL Server with PowerUpSQL

Learn about one of the open source projects from the NetSPI toolbox called PowerUpSQL. PowerUpSQL can be used to blindly inventory SQL Servers, audit them for common security misconfigurations, and exploit identified vulnerabilities during pentests and red teams operations.

Threat & Vulnerability Management: Where Do You Rank?

Are you working to improve your organization’s security maturity level, but not sure where to start? Want to ensure you can answer that middle-of-the-night text with steps you are taking to avoid the Spectre Meltdown? Learn how NetSPI can help.

Intro to Cloud Penetration Testing

Experts in pen testing cloud apps & infrastructure for vulnerabilities & misconfiguration. Learn about cloud pen testing and common cloud security gaps in this video now.

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