Agent of Influence

Nabil Hannan, NetSPI Managing Director
Agent of Influence is a podcast hosted by NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan, as a place to share best practices and trends in the world of cyber security and vulnerability management.
Recent Episodes
Michael Kaczmarek
Head of Product Management at Neustar’s Security Solutions
June 23, 2021
EPISODE 031 – What’s Keeping Security Leaders Up at Night? DDoS, Ransomware, 5G, and Security Employment
Kaz discusses creative problem solving, DDoS attack trends, how 5G and the hybrid workforce are shifting attack patterns, ransomware payments, cybersecurity staffing, smart home security, and more.
Diana Kelley
Founding Partner and CTO at Security Curve
June 9, 2021
EPISODE 030 – Communicating Cybersecurity ROI, AppSec Frameworks, AI and ML Security, and More
Diana discusses tips for communicating cybersecurity ROI to leadership, the top frameworks and processes for application security, DevSecOps, how to safely leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence, inclusivity in cybersecurity, and more.
Manish Khera
CISO at a major utilities company
May 26, 2021
EPISODE 029 – Application Security and Penetration Testing Insights from a Utilities Sector CISO
Manish discusses utility sector cybersecurity challenges, consultancy versus internal cybersecurity careers, the future of penetration testing, threat modeling success stories, advice on how to build an application security champions program, and more.
Jim Routh
Board Member at Supply Wisdom, GrammaTech, Acceptto, and ZeroNorth
May 12, 2021
EPISODE 028 – Is Data Science the Key to a Mature Security Program?
Jim shares insights on how to define and encourage innovation, building a mature security program using data science, why risk frameworks alone are not enough, security past versus security present, and more.
Tom Kellermann
Head of Cyber Security Strategy at VMware Carbon Black
April 28, 2021
EPISODE 027 – The Secret Service, Modern Bank Heists, Defensive Security, and More
Tom discusses financial sector security, his latest research on Modern Bank Heists, SolarWinds, tips for effective cyber security defense, cloud security, insights from the Obama administration cyber security commission, and more.
Jeff Sauntry
CEO & Founder at Risk Neutral
March 31, 2021
EPISODE 026 – The Evolution of Risk Management and the Chief Risk Officer
Jeff discusses the evolution of risk management, how to succeed as an advisory board member, PCI compliance, the convergence of cyber and physical security, and more.
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