Agent of Influence

Nabil Hannan, NetSPI Field CISO
Agent of Influence is a podcast hosted by NetSPI Field CISO Nabil Hannan, as a place to share best practices and trends in the world of cyber security and vulnerability management.
Recent Episodes
Derek Fisher
Head of Product Security at Envestnet
March 15, 2023
EPISODE 054 – Secure Your Products, Secure Your Business: Insights from Envestnet's Derek Fisher
Join Envestnet’s Derek Fisher for a deep dive into product security, learn how it differs from application security and DevSecOps, and gain other valuable insights on budgeting, communications, and risk management.
Marc Rubbinaccio
Senior Compliance Manager at Secureframe
March 1, 2023
EPISODE 053 – How to Balance Cybersecurity and Compliance
Marc Rubbinaccio, Senior Compliance Manager at Secureframe, explores important cybersecurity compliance frameworks, proactive tips for staying ahead of the regulatory landscape, and the relationship between GRC and pentesting.
David Tyburski
VP of Information Security and CISO of Wynn Resorts
February 15, 2023
EPISODE 052 – High Stakes Security: Wynn Resorts CISO Covers Identity and Access Management and the Misrepresentation of Modern Hackers
David Tyburski of Wynn Resorts discusses unique cybersecurity challenges in the hospitality industry and key learnings from his experience building a comprehensive identity and access management program.
Phil Morris
Director of Enterprise Security Risk Governance Team at Altera Digital Health
February 1, 2023
EPISODE 051 – Phil Morris – On Leveraging Organizational Psychology to Reimagine Healthcare Cybersecurity
Phil Morris at Altera Digital Health tackles the complexity in healthcare by discussing best practices in application security, risk management, ransomware, and more.
Heather Hirschey
Senior Analyst of IT Security at Raymond James
January 11, 2023
EPISODE 050 – Prepare for PCI DSS 4.0 Changes with Raymond James’ Sr. Analyst of IT Security
Heather Hirschey, Senior Analyst of IT Security at Raymond James, discusses upcoming PCI DSS 4.0 changes, vulnerability management, and resources for getting started in cybersecurity.
Todd Cushing
President at 1623 Farnam
November 30, 2022
EPISODE 049 – Exploring Edge Data Center Security Challenges, Trends, and More
Todd Cushing, President at 1623 Farnam, discusses the importance of edge data centers plus security challenges and prevalent trends in the space.
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