Agent of Influence

Nabil Hannan, NetSPI Managing Director
Agent of Influence is a podcast hosted by NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan, as a place to share best practices and trends in the world of cyber security and vulnerability management.
Recent Episodes
Samir Sherif
CISO at Imperva
September 21, 2022
EPISODE 047 – Enabling Business Growth Through Data and Collaboration
Join Samir Sherif, CISO at Imperva, for a discussion on relationship building and networking and how to leverage risk and resiliency data to enable business growth.
Rob LaMagna-Reiter
CISO at Hudl
September 8, 2022
EPISODE 046 – Zero Trust Misconceptions
Join Rob LaMagna-Reiter, CISO at Hudl, for a deep dive into zero trust, advice for building a cybersecurity program, and using cybersecurity data to showcase ROI.
Cecil Pineda
August 3, 2022
EPISODE 045 – The Unique Challenges of Healthcare Cybersecurity
Cecil Pineda, SVP/CISO at R1 RCM, discusses prominent healthcare security concerns, impactful metrics to showcase ROI, the power of storytelling, community building, and more.
Justin Hall
May 18, 2022
EPISODE 044 – Logistics Industry Leader Discusses How to Cultivate a Relationship Between Business and Cybersecurity
Justin Hall, CEO at PRIMO and Executive in Residence at 8VC, discusses prioritizing security in the global supply chain, third-party risk management, the true business impact of a cybersecurity breach, actionable advice for legacy players in the logistics industry, and more.
Jessica Nemmers
Chief Security Officer at Elevate
April 13, 2022
EPISODE 043 – Getting Started as a Security Leader, Addressing the Talent Shortage, and Securing the Critical Infrastructure – A Conversation with Ballerina Turned CSO, Jessica Nemmers
Jessica Nemmers, Chief Security Officer at Elevate, discusses the cybersecurity talent gap, women in cybersecurity, how to build a solid security program foundation, critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, and more.
Carolyn Crandall
Chief Security Advocate at Attivo Networks
March 30, 2022
EPISODE 042 – Deception Technology, Identity Detection and Response, Cloud Security, and More
Attivo Networks’ Carolyn Crandall, a top female leader in cybersecurity, delves into deception technology, identity detection and response, cloud security and adoption, endpoint security, and more.
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