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NetSPI LinkedIn Live: HTTP/2 Rapid Reset

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A novel 0-day vulnerability referred to as, “HTTP/2 Rapid Reset,” was reported, which abuses certain features of HTTP/2 protocol and allows for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks at an unprecedented scale.

Hear perspectives from NetSPI Field CISO Nabil Hannan, and Security Research Engineer Isaac Clayton to get their take on the CVE and learn more about NetSPI’s quick response to help security leaders with identification and remediation.

In this webinar they’ll discuss:

  • What is CVE-2023-44487 and who is impacted
  • How to determine if you are vulnerable
  • Best practices for remediation
  • ASM’s role in CVE management

Read more about NetSPI’s analysis of HTTP/2 Rapid Reset in this article.

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