Red Team Operations

Simulated attacks through a red team engagement enhance your information security program. NetSPI’s red team operations put your organization’s security controls, security policies, incident response, and cybersecurity training to the test.

Our Red Team Operations

Our red team operations aim to gain unauthorized access to your environment while avoiding detection and maintaining access for a pre-determined period of time to test your incident response team’s ability to identify and respond to threats. A red team testing engagement uses penetration testers and red team tools to help you assess risk to IT assets, benchmark current security capabilities, justify security investments, sharpen the skills of your team, and improve detective controls.

Red Team Security Testing Models
Assumed breach | Black box testing

Test Your Organization’s Ability to Identify and Respond to Threats with NetSPI Red Team Operations

All organizations face the possibility of being targeted by organized, sophisticated, and determined attackers, so it’s imperative to learn everything you can to improve your organization’s security posture. NetSPI’s red team operations leverage tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real-world attackers to help better understand exposures and your ability to respond to threats.

During our red team testing, NetSPI works with you to define the rules of engagement and project objectives to ensure clear expectations are set and met.

What Is Red Team Testing?

Despite the large investments many companies have made in detective controls, they often struggle to detect tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real-world threat actors during sustained and sophisticated attack campaigns.



Red Team Toolkit

Red Team Toolkit (RTT) is the most sophisticated offensive security platform and tooling suite used by NetSPI to optimize your red team operations and penetration tests. The toolkit enables NetSPI to perform advanced network operations, collaborate on target exploitation, and better simulate adversaries.

  • Slingshot Post-Exploitation Agent
    Slingshot empowers us to emulate sophisticated adversaries through stealthy injection techniques, memory obfuscation, malleable network profiles, and loads of defensive evasion capabilities.
  • OpSec Centric
    Red Team Toolkit features over 15 defensive countermeasures. Evasion techniques include leveraging syscalls for stealthy code injection, in-memory obfuscation of modules, as well as AMSI, ETW, and PowerShell logging bypasses.

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