Cloud Penetration Testing

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud can create security problems. NetSPI’s cloud penetration testing service identifies vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure and guides you on how to improve your cloud security posture.

Reduce your cloud-related risks with cloud penetration testing by NetSPI

A cloud platform can create exposure from network, application, and configuration vulnerabilities that can result in external access to company credentials, internal systems, and sensitive data.


Our cloud penetration testing services will identify security gaps in your cloud infrastructure and provide you with actionable guidance for remediating the vulnerabilities and improving your organization’s cloud security posture.

Our cloud pentesting services include:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud (GCP) 

The NetSPI Difference

NetSPI delivers industry-leading penetration testing expertise and a vulnerability management platform that makes penetration test results actionable.

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A collaborative team with experience and expertise produces the highest quality of work
Consistent processes with formalized quality assurance and oversight deliver consistent results
Technology allows more focus on testing and scales to large engagements and multiple ongoing projects
Actionable guidance by a trusted partner from the start of the engagement to the end of remediation

Our Cloud Penetration Testing Service

NetSPI will test your cloud infrastructure wherever it is hosted. We follow manual and automated pentesting processes that use commercial, open source, and proprietary software to evaluate your cloud infrastructure from the perspective of anonymous and authenticated users.

Anonymous Testing

Non-credentialed user
Tests networks, systems, and applications

Authenticated Testing

Credentialed users and authenticated configuration reviews

Benefits of Cloud
Penetration Testing

Pentest your cloud infrastructure to:

Avoid breaches

Discover your vulnerabilities and exposure, before a breach occurs.

Achieve compliance

Meet application security testing requirements from a third-party.

Improve security

Learn how to strengthen your network security program.

Augment your team

Get a fresh set of eyes from penetration testing experts.

Cloud Penetration Testing Techniques

NetSPI’s cloud pentest service includes a cloud services configuration review and penetration testing techniques, such as:


  • System and services discovery
  • Automated vulnerability scanning and manual verification
  • Manual network protocol attacks
  • Manual dictionary attacks
  • Network pivoting
  • Domain privilege escalation
  • Access sensitive data and critical systems

Pentesting Research and Tools

Learn about penetration testing on our blog, our open-source penetration testing toolsets for the infosec community, and our SQL injection wiki.

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