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Intro to Cloud Penetration Testing for CISOs & Security Managers

What is Cloud Penetration Testing and Why You Need It

Cloud penetration testing identifies cloud resources that are exposed to attackers. Cybercriminals probe constantly for common security gaps on Azure, AWS, and other cloud computing services. Cloud penetration testing can help your organization close cloud security gaps and prevent a data breach.

Be proactive and reduce your risk through cloud penetration testing, which probes for cloud security gaps – so your company can fix them and prevent unwanted access.

In this tip sheet, you’ll learn:

  • Security risks posed by cloud migration
  • Best practices for cloud penetration testing
  • Specific types of cloud resources to probe when penetration testing:
    • An internal network
    • An external network
    • A platform as a service (PaaS)
    • PCI compliance
    • Applications
  • What is a configuration review and why you need it
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