External Network Penetration Testing

Your internet-facing assets, sensitive data, clouds, and IoT devices are at risk of attack. Our external penetration testing service identifies security gaps, provides you with actionable guidance to improve your network security, and helps meet compliance requirements.

Improve Network Security

External penetration testing reduces risk and improves network security

Your company faces opportunistic and targeted attacks against your internet-facing assets. Exposed systems and web applications change constantly, and cloud adoption expands the attack surface. Our approach to external penetration testing enumerates your exposures, identifies critical vulnerabilities, and exploits them using the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real-world threat actors.

During our external penetration testing service, NetSPI identifies security vulnerabilities, such as patch, configuration, and code issues at the network, system, and application layers. This network security testing service provides actionable recommendations for remediation and identifies ways to improve your network security program.

Why Do I Need to Use Manual Penetration Testing Processes and Multiple Toolsets During Network Penetration Testing?

NetSPI Critical Vulnerability Discoveries Found Through

Automated scans find 37% of vulnerabilities. Manual network pentesting finds 63% of vulnerabilities.

NetSPI’s External Pentesting Identifies

Penetration testing finds 10x more critical vulnerabilities that lead to unauthorized application, system, or sensitive data access than a single network vulnerability scanning tool. 

Penetration testing finds 2x more critical vulnerabilities that lead to unauthorized application, system or sensitive data access than some of the top network vulnerability scanning tools combined.
Our penetration testers find 20% more vulnerabilities by using our Resolve™ platform and proven methodology.

External Network Penetration Testing Service

Our network security service pentests your internet-facing networks, systems, and applications for known vulnerabilities. We follow manual and automated pentesting processes that use commercial, open source, and proprietary software to assess your infrastructure from the perspective of an anonymous (non-credentialed) user. Our collaboration during the project ensures that you understand the risks associated with the vulnerabilities we find and can implement the recommendations.

What to Know

Scanning internet-facing network resources is a high priority, but a complete security assessment of the hardness of your external network requires more steps. Through an external pentest, you can:

  • Discovering all the internet-facing assets a hacker could find as potential entry points into your network
  • Identify more attack surfaces exposed by cloud and federated services
  • Identify known and common vulnerabilities on internet-facing systems and web applications
  • Identify confidential data exposure on publicly available resources
  • Identify vulnerabilities that can be chained together to obtain unauthorized access to systems, applications, and sensitive data
  • Remove false positives by verifying findings through manual penetration testing techniques
  • Receive actionable guidance to remediate the verified vulnerabilities

Powered by Resolve™

External network pentesting engagements are managed and delivered through Resolve, NetSPI’s PTaaS platform. Resolve elevates your vulnerability management and pentesting program.

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