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2021 Cyber Security Predictions: A Forecast for the Future

2020 is one for the books. We each navigated life amid a pandemic that brought its own trials, tribulations and a few silver linings. Moreover, 2020 tested IT and cybersecurity professionals: Organizations quickly enabled remote workforces, phishing attempts increased 350 percent, election security was scrutinized, and events like Black Hat USA were held entirely online. I name “unprecedented” as the word of the year.

Many unknowns remain as we shift to 2021. This time of year is a crucial opportunity for those of us in the cybersecurity field to hit pause and reflect on our industry. Based on conversations and observations in 2020, read on for my eight cybersecurity predictions for 2021 on the topics of:

  1. Balance between automation and human security testing
  2. Cybersecurity employment trends
  3. Cybersecurity budgets and priorities
  4. Compliance-based security versus risk-based security
  5. A shift in application security practices
  6. Tackling insider threats
  7. Pandemic meets cybersecurity
  8. Securing the external attack surface

2021 Cyber Security Predictions: A Trends Forecast

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