Phishing remains one of the most successful ways that adversaries gain access to systems. In fact, over 48 percent of emails sent in 2022 were spam, and Google blocks approximately 100 million phishing emails every day. Because of its effectiveness, threat actors constantly develop more sophisticated, less recognizable attack methods determined to trick unsuspecting employees.

Although many companies are adding new processes, technologies, and training materials to combat this, employees continue to fall victim to phishing, vishing, and other forms of social engineering attacks.

To adjust for these current market changes, NetSPI is proud to introduce our updated Social Engineering offerings, delivering the following key benefits to our customers:

  • Modernized Adversarial Approach
    Traditional methods of social engineering testing are not as effective as they once were. As threat actors have become more sophisticated, it is critical that defense strategies adapt accordingly. Through the utilization of additional testing processes and new tooling, we are able to provide attack approaches that mimic those used by real-world adversaries today. This brings a more realistic assessment of vulnerabilities and ensures that your defenses are built to stand up against both past and present attack approaches.
  • Increased Speed & Efficiency
    Every minute counts in the security world, which is why we have implemented new processes and tooling designed to streamline and accelerate testing without compromising on accuracy and quality. A test that previously took three to five days can now be completed in two to three days. This delivers actionable results faster, enabling your team to mitigate vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and boost defenses. We know time is something security professionals do not have an abundance of, and we have updated our solutions to reflect this urgency. 
  • Additional Services & Savings
    We know that cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and no two environments are the same. Our updated Social Enginering solutions have expanded to offer a range of price points that cater to organizations of various sizes and needs. Every company deserves top quality defense, regardless of the budget or available bandwidth.

NetSPI’s Social Engineering Solution Offerings 

  • Email & Text Message Testing (Phishing): Security Awareness, Account Takeover, and Spearphishing Campaign  
  • Phone-Based Testing (Vishing): Policy Check and Capture the Flag  
  • Physical & On-Site Testing: On-Site Assessment, Physical Security Controls Assessment, and Full On-Site Pentesting  

If you’re looking to strengthen internal social engineering prevention practices, NetSPI is ready to help with our proven methodology. Our updated Social Engineering Solutions provide a comprehensive, modern approach to protecting your organization with a focus on current adversarial tactics, increased testing speed and efficiency, and accessible price points.  

For further information on each of our unique Social Engineering Pentesting solutions, check out our data sheet or contact us.

This blog post is a part of our offensive security solutions update series. Stay tuned for additional innovations within Resolve (PTaaS), ASM (Attack Surface Management), and BAS (Breach and Attack Simulation).

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