NetSPI Offensive Security Solutions Updates: Q2 2023

Continual commitment to advancing your security measures is essential in the evolving threat landscape. The need for powerful offensive security has never been greater as security teams face increasingly sophisticated adversaries. NetSPI is at the forefront of this goal with a team dedicated to developing and enhancing our Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), Attack Surface Management (ASM), and Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) platforms. 

Our commitment to innovation drives our product teams to work tirelessly, crafting new features and improving usability across our platforms. By listening to your feedback and conducting comprehensive interviews, we’ve gained insights into common challenges and developed solutions that empower internal teams to strengthen their offensive security. 

We’re excited to show the latest updates that will advance the way you approach offensive security. Explore these exciting new additions across our BAS, ASM, and PTaaS platforms below, or schedule a demo anytime to get access to a team of offensive security professionals to guide your strategy. 

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) 

NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform puts your detective controls to the test by leveraging advanced technology and skilled penetration testers to simulate real-world attack behaviors. BAS plays a crucial role in building resilience against threats like ransomware, fraud, denial of service, information leaks, data loss, and more. The latest updates to BAS add customization options, reduce alert fatigue, and improve reporting. 

Advanced Filtering 

Alert fatigue poses a significant challenge today. Amidst thousands of alerts, identifying the crucial ones can mean the difference between maintaining a secure environment or falling victim to an attack.  

However, with our new Advanced Filtering feature, sifting through alerts is a task of the past. You can effortlessly sort and filter data based on your priorities, such as specific threat actors, tools and malware, tested versus untested controls, and much more. The filtered information is presented in real-time charts within the platform and can be conveniently exported in CSV, JSON, and now PDF formats. Say goodbye to alert overload and embrace a streamlined approach to security management. 

PDF Export 

Introducing the PDF Export feature makes us proud to enable seamless communication across various teams — including engineers, analysts, executive leadership team members, and board members. It includes an executive summary alongside comprehensive details about the results of an engagement, catering to both technical and non-technical audiences, and fostering effective collaboration across divisions. 

NetSPI's BAS PDF Export Feature

Attack Surface Management (ASM) 

Attack Surface Management makes continuous external network pentesting a reality by providing ongoing asset discovery coupled with manual exposure validation all within a centralized ASM platform. What sets our ASM offering apart from other vendors is our people — a dedicated attack surface operations team that meticulously reviews, validates, and organizes the results, alleviating the burden on you and your team and focusing remediation efforts with a prioritized list. The latest updates to ASM help clients visualize their entire attack surface and sift through alerts to find meaningful ones among the noise. 

Company Hierarchy Dashboard 

Visualizing your attack surface can be an undertaking, especially when dealing with complex company structures, subsidiaries, divisions, or mergers and acquisitions. NetSPI’s Company Hierarchy Dashboard simplifies this task.  

With just two clicks, gain a comprehensive view of your entire company and entity relationships on a single screen. This powerful tool helps identify IP addresses within subsidiaries, uncover new assets, and trace their origins, enabling effective asset management and improved security posture. 

Signal Dashboard 

Our team introduced the Signal Dashboard so you can see all the noise our ASM operations team digs into, and how we turn that into a few actionable, validated vulnerability findings. The dashboard gives you transparency into the work going on behind the scenes on your engagement. While we don’t share all alerts immediately, they do remain accessible just in case you want to take a look. 

NetSPI's ASM Signal Dashboard

1,000+ New Integration Capabilities 

Integrations play a pivotal role in enhancing your user experience, streamlining workflows across platforms, and broadening asset discovery. Recognizing the significance of this, the Gartner® Competitive Landscape: External Attack Surface Management indicates that vendors who prioritize expanding the scope of asset discovery through deeper integrations gain a competitive edge that’s passed along to customers. 

In line with this research and in response to your feedback, we’ve diligently listened and integrated the most crucial platforms, such as Jira, ServiceNow, Splunk, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, ZoomInfo, and over 1,000 others. 

Penetration Testing as a Service (Resolve™) 

NetSPI’s Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) platform Resolve™ is proven to advance vulnerability discovery and speed up remediation. Our centralized technology offers real-time reporting, trending findings data, and manual prioritization by our expert analysts. The latest updates to Resolve help clients keep track of the status of engagements and easily drill down to relevant data points. 

Program Management Dashboard 

Obtaining a pentest is just the beginning, but keeping tabs on its status takes vulnerability insight to a new level. Our Program Management Dashboard simplifies understanding the test statuses, remediation progress, important dates, and beyond. Bonus! We took a page out of Dominos book and built a visual tracker that brings transparency into progress throughout engagements. 

Data Lab Dashboard  

Introducing the revamped Data Lab Dashboard with an enhanced interface. Alongside the visual update, we expanded the capabilities, empowering security teams to construct and export personalized reports effortlessly. Simply specify the desired entity on the left, apply filters to the results grid, and drill down into more detailed information with a single click. Moreover, the data grids can be conveniently exported, providing greater flexibility in using the data. 

NetSPI's Data Lab Dashboard

We aim to meet you where you are by enhancing our technology to streamline your team’s work. If you have a feature request for our team, be sure to have a conversation with your Account Executive to relay the message to NetSPI’s Product Team!  

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