Attack Surface Management (ASM) Capabilities and Features

Attack Surface Visualization and Continuous Testing

  • Powered by Scan Monster. Always-on, continuous pentesting is powered by our automated scan orchestration technology, Scan Monster, which has been utilized on the front lines of our pentesting engagements for years.
  • Domain and IP address discovery. We discover domains through a multitude of automated and manual methods, including but not limited to public databases, SSL/TLS certificate parsing, subdomain brute forcing, and DNS record searching.
  • OSINT. Among our other discovery techniques, we leverage open source intelligence (OSINT) to identify publicly available data sources such as business entities, IP addresses, domains, employee information, and sensitive company data.

Data Analysis at the Click of a Button

  • Track and trend data over time

    Track your assets over time and measure your ability to protect and manage your attack surface via the platform dashboard.

  • Asset information

    With every asset, we identify a broad spectrum of information – including but not limited to domains, DNS records, IP addresses, ports, products, and certificates.

  • Tagging

    Use tagging to group assets together and create a risk view of your attack surface. Provide metadata about your assets to help drive prioritization and focus on the assets that are most important to your organization.

  • Port discovery

    Investigate your global attack surface for outliers and exposed ports.

Attack Surface Management, Simplified

  • Simple set up. Provide us with your corporate email address and we can run a full scan of your external network. Provide us with additional information on your known domains and IPs to improve your results. 
  • Streamlined communication. We will immediately alert you of high-risk assets through Slack and Teams integrations, email notifications, or in-platform alerts.  
  • Impactful reporting. In addition to the summary reports of all results available in real-time via the ASM technology platform, NetSPI’s tests are targeted to only alert you when a high-risk exposure is found within your attack surface.

Watch Now: Detect and Protect the Unknown with NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management