Simplify Vulnerability Management

You’ve received your penetration testing results, now what? Resolve manages the lifecycle of vulnerabilities from discovery to remediation.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Don’t wait for your formal pentesting report; get notified of vulnerabilities as they are found. Resolve gives you the power to start remediation faster.

  • Remediation Guidance

    Resolve includes a built-in library of vulnerability remediation instructions to help you gain confidence in your remediation efforts.

  • Prioritization

    Resolve’s vulnerability database populates vulnerability definitions and assigns severity to help you prioritize what’s most important.

  • Orchestration

    Assign responsibilities, track vulnerability remediation SLAs, and verify compliance across your entire organization.

  • Track Trending Data Over Time

    With NetSPI’s DataLab, analyze and trend your vulnerabilities over time.

Pentest Efficiencies

Resolve’s Workbench cuts the time to complete an engagement by 40 percent.

  • Eliminate the administrative burden of de-duplicating, matching, and tracking vulnerabilities in spreadsheets.
  • Allow multiple pentesters to work simultaneously on the same project and combine findings in a single workspace for reporting.
  • Generate checklists to track progress for every pentesting engagement to ensure consistency.
  • The Resolve interface and integrations provide a centralized communication hub to seamlessly coordinate vulnerability management across teams and departments.

Security Automation

Automation enables manual pentesters to focus on finding the hard-to-find vulnerabilities.

  • Scan Monster™ automates and orchestrates NetSPI’s vulnerability scanning activities, giving the penetration testers more time to manually test your applications.
  • Bi-directional integrations with ticketing systems, such as Jira and Service Now, ease the remediation process.
  • Automatic ingestion from your data sources – even NetSPI competitors – correlates all your vulnerabilities to provide single-pane visibility.
  • Automatically generate and customize reports in Word, Excel, PDF and .CSV formats for easy distribution

Test Continuously or At Scale

Resolve is flexible and can scale up or down to meet the penetration testing requirements of any organization. The vulnerability management platform also supports continuous testing. Increase the frequency of your cybersecurity testing to stay on top of new releases and incremental changes in your infrastructure.

Attack Surface Management

Your attack surface is constantly evolving. We help clients secure their entire attack surface by:

  • Building strong penetration testing programs to ensure you understand your attack surface and potential risks. 
  • Delivering manual deep dive penetration testing to find the critical vulnerabilities that the tools miss. 
  • Monitoring the attack surface throughout the year for changes and pentesting them to ensure you stay protected.
  • Calculating an aggregate risk score for your projects, assets, applications, and networks. 

Get Started with Resolve

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