Dark Side Ops Training

We offer public and private training courses for penetration testing, programming for penetration testers, and security awareness.

Dark Side Ops Training

Malware Dev Training

Focus on the goals, challenges, architecture, and operations of advanced persistent threat (APT) tooling.

Adversary Simulation Training

The combination of sophisticated red team tradecraft and offensive development to simulate adversary activities.

Azure Cloud Pentesting Training

Focus on the architecture, permissions models, and infrastructure of Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

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Dark Side Ops: Azure Cloud Pentesting
February 21 – February 22, 2022 (virtual)
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Dark Side Ops 1: Malware Dev
February 28 – March 1, 2022 (virtual)
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Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation
March 2 – March 3, 2022 (virtual)
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Private Training

In addition to offering our training at security conferences and various venues, NetSPI is happy to conduct private training, on-site or virtual. Combine any material from our courses into a custom-tailored experience for your team. Discuss your specific challenges and experiences with our trainers to maximize value.

NetSPI's Karl Fosaaen discovered and disclosed a critical misconfiguration in Microsoft Azure.
Learn more about CVE-2021-42306: CredManifest, its impact, and remediation.