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Offensive vs. Defensive Security: Cyber Stories from the Field

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See Pentesting in Action and Learn Best Practices from the CISOs at Nuspire and NetSPI

Organizations spend millions of dollars on security controls, yet they still get breached. And often, the breach resulted from something basic like a default password or unlocked door. This is where pentesting is valuable because organizations can learn where their gaps are and remedy them before a real, costly cyberattack occurs.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from cybersecurity veterans J.R. Cunningham, CSO at Nuspire, and Nabil Hannan, Field CISO at NetSPI, who will share their pentesting stories – from the perspective of both the pentester and the organization being pentested.

They’ll cover:

  • Why pentesting is essential for any size organization
  • Pentesting examples, including social engineering, application-level issues and SQL injection
  • Overseeing pentesting from the client’s perspective, including how to manage expectations with leadership
  • How to best leverage pentesting results to fix security gaps
  • And more!

Discover how NetSPI ASM solution helps organizations identify, inventory, and reduce risk to both known and unknown assets.