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Understanding Modern EDR Tools: How They Work, How They Provide Value, and How to Bypass Them

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools are quickly becoming the standard protection against today’s adversaries. Yet, much like the solutions before them – legacy antivirus – attackers are already researching, publishing, and deploying novel techniques to understand and evade modern EDR products. To stay one step ahead of the stealthiest cyber adversaries, red teams and penetration testers must study and simulate real defensive evasion techniques to identify weaknesses in their organization’s defense in depth, and security leaders must gain a better understanding of the EDR technologies they invest in.

During this webinar, viewers will: 

  • Explore the role that modern EDRs play and tips for evaluating vendors 
  • Review the latest defensive evasion techniques sophisticated adversaries deploy to bypass EDR tools 
  • Discover helpful resources for staying up to date with modern research and techniques 
  • Learn how to effectively implement the defensive evasion techniques within your own red team operations  

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