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Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT

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AI has taken the world by storm lately. From ChatGPT to automated spear phishing techniques, the security world has already seen changes in processes, automation, and threat detection – not to mention attack techniques! The recent surge of AI opens up opportunities for both defenders and adversaries alike. What can we build? What can we automate? How can we use AI to augment security to buy time and add another layer of defense to our enterprise?

In this AI-focused solutions forum, we’ll examine how AI will continue to change the security landscape. After all – tools for one are tools for many. Just as defenders benefit from AI capabilities, adversaries have found their own uses. Threat actors have found efficiencies using AI capabilities, from writing malware to discovering vulnerable systems. Defenders must be prepared for how AI will help bolster defenses while adversaries use it to ramp up their attacks.

Watch Nick Landers, VP of Research NetSPI, join the SANS team to discuss the risks, vulnerabilities, and benefits of rapidly introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence globally at the AI & ChatGPT Solutions Forum.

Discover how NetSPI ASM solution helps organizations identify, inventory, and reduce risk to both known and unknown assets.