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A Key Ingredient in a World Class Application Security Program: AppSec as a Service

In this presentation, NetSPI COO Charles Horton and Managing Director Nabil Hannan explore the evolution of “as a Service” offerings, and how these offerings are being applied successfully in application security programs. If you are working with the right partner, “as a Service” should go far beyond the traditional automated or cloud-based delivery models for both technology and expertise. When applied correctly, it can dramatically influence how internal resources and capital are directed and deployed and can provide the needed support to continue to improve and evolve your application security program and collapse timeframes for remediation. Unlike a traditional “as a Service” technology solution, AppSec as a Service combines both technology and human talent that is packaged for quick and easy consumption. 

Through this discussion, learn:

  • the core criteria that define an “as a Service” partnership
  • the different options in an AppSec as a Service offering
  • how AppSec as a Service can help you improve and evolve your application security program

As these offerings continue to increase and more vendors jump on the “as a Service” bandwagon, this webinar should serve as a guide to help organizations evaluate potential providers and ensure they are getting the most out of their relationship.

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