Defend Against Sophisticated Attacks

Red Team Toolkit is an offensive security platform and tooling suite used by NetSPI to optimize your red team operations and penetration tests. The toolkit enables NetSPI to perform advanced network operations, collaborate on target exploitation, and better simulate sophisticated adversaries.

More Than Just a Tool

Red Team Toolkit drives stealthy cyber operations through all phases of an attack, including initial access, privilege escalation, persistence, and impact. It includes several tools, including Slingshot and Throwback. Each tool has a specific purpose to facilitate stealthy operations and adversary emulation. 


Slingshot is a powerful post-exploitation agent for NetSPI’s red team operations. Built with OpSec first, Slingshot empowers NetSPI to emulate sophisticated adversaries through stealthy injection techniques, memory obfuscation, malleable network profiles, and loads of defensive evasion capabilities. It empowers operations with a limited detection surface, powerful modularity, and ephemeral concepts.

Improve Your Defense in Depth

NetSPI uses sophisticated attack techniques through all phases of an attack chain to identify gaps in your defense in depth.

OpSec at Every Layer

The Red Team Toolkit platform features over 15 defensive countermeasures. Evasion techniques include leveraging syscalls for stealthy code injection, in-memory obfuscation of modules, as well as AMSI, ETW, and PowerShell logging bypasses. OpSec has been built into every layer of every tool within Red Team Toolkit, providing powerful red team results.

Red Team Toolkit Resources

Need a Red Team Engagement?

A NetSPI red team engagement will put your organization’s security controls, policies, and employee training to the test. NetSPI will work with you to understand your requirements and goals to develop an approach that answers the questions that are important to your business.

Dark Side Ops (DSO) Training

Our DSO 1: Malware Dev course focuses on the goals, challenges, architecture, and operations of advanced persistent threat (APT) tooling. And, DSO 2: Adversary Simulation highlights the combination of sophisticated red team trade craft and offensive development to simulate adversary activities.

Red Team Tip Sheet

Red team operations are a critical offensive security tactic that put your organization’s cybersecurity processes, tools, and policies to the test. To be successful, organizations must ensure their red teams are equipped with the right people, processes, and technologies. Download this tip sheet to learn the five things every red team needs to optimize operations.

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