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API Penetration Testing

When security testing APIs, use an API Penetration Testing checklist to help get you started. This tip sheet will help your team deliver more useful results faster. Here’s what’s you’ll learn:  

  1. Seven testing categories to consider for every API Penetration Testing checklist 
  2. Two online resources that save time and help ensure your penetration testing program covers common vulnerabilities 
  3. Six types of information to collect and store before, during, and after an API Penetration Test 
  4. How to make your API Penetration Testing checklist more useful and less wordy 
  5. How to reduce redundant tasks and deliver reports to the right people, faster 
  6. Key steps to get from a penetration test report to ticketing and successful remediation 

Your APIs deserve dedicated security testing. NetSPI’s API Penetration Testing experts leverage specialized checklists, tools, custom testing setups, and ethical hacking techniques to find and exploit security gaps – and prioritize the most important vulnerabilities.

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