Combine proven security experts, processes, and technology to deliver a holistic, programmatic approach to secure what matters most to you and your customers.

The Challenge 

69% of organizations have had an attack that started through the exploit of an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed internet-facing asset, according to ESG Research. Many security programs today are reactive and focus on the latest vulnerability in the news, or events in general – something happens and then the security team reacts. It is challenging for security teams to take a proactive approach to evaluate and improve their overall security defense, before an incident occurs. There are many reasons for this challenge. The scope that must be defended is wider than ever before and the attack surface continues to expand at a breakneck speed, leaving assets exposed and vulnerable to adversaries. This rapid expansion is due to more users creating assets than ever before. However, identifying those assets, who is using the assets, and who is responsible for vulnerability remediation, is difficult. Security teams continue to buy tools to solve this challenge, but often they don’t have the time to fine-tune and manage them or spend time chasing false positives.

The Solution 

Proactive security solutions consider the entire scope of an organization’s security posture including how to discover, prioritize, and remediate the greatest risks to your business. 

NetSPI’s proactive security solution brings together dedicated security experts, intelligent process and  advanced technology, to contextualize the priorities that will have the biggest impact on your business. Our in-house security experts with deep domain knowledge contextualize and prioritize findings so you can understand where to start your remediation efforts to reduce the risk to your organization. NetSPI delivers pentesting programs from application security to AI, continuous external asset discovery and monitoring with NetSPI Attack Surface Management, and detective control validation with NetSPI Breach and Attack Simulation. Wherever you are on your proactive security journey, NetSPI can help.

NetSPI PTaaS – Obtain a snapshot of your vulnerabilities 

Understand your environment with a point in time penetration test 

NetSPI ASM – Continuously find and monitor assets and vulnerabilities 

Discover, test, and prioritize external attack surface assets and vulnerabilities continuously 

NetSPI BAS – Validate security control efficacy 

Validate the efficacy of security controls with a combination of technology and human intelligence 

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