Contextualized pentesting in a technology-enabled, human-delivered platform.

The Challenge 

40% of ethical hackers said they can break into most, if not all, environments they test, according to SANS Institute.

There were over 29,000 vulnerabilities published in 2023, averaging almost 80 per day. With increased adversarial attack frequency and complexity, attack surfaces continuing to expand, and regulation and compliance penalties on the rise, companies have a greater need now than ever before to understand their threat landscape and assess their risk. Although pentesting has been around for some time now, there is a wide range of vendors from small companies with a handful of staff to large organizations who crowdsource contractors for testing. As a result, it is increasingly difficult to gain high-fidelity, comprehensive, and consistent outcomes without the right partner.

The Solution 

NetSPI PTaaS solves the challenges of traditional pentesting, using a powerful combination of people, processes, and technology to deliver contextualized outcomes in real time on a single platform. More than 250 in-house security experts are available to support your team by giving you access to The NetSPI Platform for a full year. Offering over 50 different types of pentests, our rigorous and consistent testing methodology ensures we find vulnerabilities, exposures, and misconfigurations that others miss regardless of what is being tested. Our white-glove approach and extensive integration capabilities provide high-fidelity, manually validated findings and streamlined remediation.  

  • Discover security vulnerabilities within your company’s infrastructure
  • Test security controls throughout your environment
  • Keep pace with compliance, regulatory, and audit requirements 

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