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How Do You Know You’re Covered in the Cloud?

The cloud is a valued part of modern infrastructure and there are more resources than ever to help you secure your cloud environment.

Intro to Cloud Penetration Testing for CISOs & Security Managers

Many companies’ cloud resources are unintentionally exposed to attackers, usually due to human error. Cybercriminals probe constantly for common security gaps on Azure, AWS, and other hosting services.

4 Reasons You Need Cloud Penetration Testing

If you use Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or cloud services, you need cloud penetration testing. Learn about common cloud security gaps and the benefits of cloud penetration testing.

Penetration Testing: Clarifying a Commonly Misunderstood Security Discipline

All organizations should aspire to have the right people, processes and tools in place to effectively execute an on-going penetration testing program…

Web Application Firewalls

As we all know, web sites continue to be a primary target for data breaches. A Verizon Data Breach Report tells us that in 80% of the data breaches a web…

Dealing with Mobile Devices in a Corporate Environment

Mobile computing technology is hardly a recent phenomenon but, with the influx of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers into the…

Hardening Critical Systems at Electrical Utilities

Securing our nation’s critical power infrastructure and assuring a dependable electrical supply has never been more important. Faced with…

Windows Vista – Ease of FULL SYSTEM Access

There is no doubt that Vista brought gobs of new security features to the Windows line of operating systems. However, in spite of all of its newly polished armor…

Why You Need an Incident Response Plan

It’s not yet 8:00 A.M on a Monday morning. One of the IT staff has just called, saying that the firewall audit logs and server connection logs…

Understanding the New HIPAA Rules

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) includes a portion known as the Health Information Technology for Clinical and Economic Health Act…

Be Prepared – The Role of the FTC in Data Breaches

If you run or work in a business that keeps people’s Social Security numbers, addresses, and other personal information, and that information is lost or…

Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist

Website and web application attacks are a primary source for data breaches. While testing web applications, it is crucial to have a defined set of categories to consistently track and test.

NetSPI Resolve: Vulnerability Management & Orchestration Platform

Resolve automates, tracks, and orchestrates vulnerability management processes at every stage. Resolve correlates all your vulnerability data from across your organization into a single view, so you can discover, identify, and fix vulnerabilities faster, and reduce your risk exposure.

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