TechRound: Meet Steve Bakewell, EMEA Managing Director at Penetration Testing and Attack Surface Management Provider: NetSPI

On June 20, 2022, NetSPI EMEA Managing Director Steve Bakewell was featured in this TechRound interview called Meet Steve Bakewell, EMEA Managing Director at Penetration Testing and Attack Surface Management Provider: NetSPI. Read the preview below or view it online.


What is Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)?

Businesses are always-on, and as security should enable the business, it needs to be aligned. PTaaS is the model NetSPI has chosen to deliver our portfolio of penetration testing services in an iterative and programmatic manner. Powered through NetSPI’s Resolve platform, customers can orchestrate and manage their penetration testing program at a cadence that suits their operational tempo. Whether it’s scoping and prioritizing tests, communicating directly with NetSPI’s expert team of penetration testers, accessing real-time results during the test or integrating with service management and GRC tooling to get the right data in front of the right people for faster decision-making. PTaaS enables customers to mature their security testing program and move towards continuous security improvement.

Why is penetration testing so critical in the current era of hybrid work?

I’ve just come from that world in my previous role and saw the impact the pandemic had on remote working. Overall, the pandemic and hybrid working enforced a level of change in such a short period of time, forcing businesses to find ways to continue operating efficiently and effectively. However, hybrid working increases risks both on the client side, as remote workers create new entry points to the corporate network, particularly where they use non-corporate devices. Then on the server-side, we’re seeing a substantial increase in the attack surface, including the increased take-up of cloud services. From a security testing perspective, there is a substantial amount of ground to cover, from network to cloud, as well as Attack Surface Management (ASM). Penetration testing, managed through a platform like Resolve, provides a way to help organizations reduce the risks of hybrid working by enabling an increased level of testing in a frictionless way.

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