Security Systems News: Inkhouse Virtual Media Panel on Diversity in Cybersecurity Touches on Key Insights

On October 14, NetSPI Managing Consultant Melissa Miller was featured in the Security Systems News article called Inkhouse Virtual Media Panel on Diversity in Cybersecurity Touches on Key Insights. Read the preview below or view it online.


YARMOUTH, Maine – The tech industry and cybersecurity field remains for the moment an old boys club, however a group of leading women in security and human resources came together this week to discuss strengthening the industry through diversity.

The “Bridging the Security Talent Gap Through Diverse Viewpoints” virtual panel was hosted by Inkhouse, a Massachusetts based public relations firm. Guest speakers were joined by moderator Jessica Bettencourt to find an answer for the disparity in the security industry. According to Bettencourt, recent studies by (ISC)² show that women only make up 24% of the cybersecurity field, and more, that racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to face pay discrepancies and hold non-managerial roles at their companies.

As for more advice for job seekers looking to break into the market, Bettencourt asked panelists what some of the soft skills they most looked for in candidates.

“I have two here, the first as much as we may not like it is public speaking.” Melissa Miller, Managing Security Consultant at NetSPI stressed. Preparation and clarity are important in the role, and she said public speaking exhibits that perfectly. The second to her is passion for the field.

You can read the full article at Security Systems News!