Security Boulevard: 12 Hot Takes on How Red Teaming Takes Pen Testing to the Next Level

On August 11, NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan was featured in Security Boulevard:

Offensive security measures like penetration testing can help enterprises discover the common vulnerabilities and exploitable weaknesses that could put an them at risk of costly cybersecurity incidents. By pitting white hat hackers against an organization’s deployed infrastructure, organizations can gain a better understanding of the flaws they should fix first—namely the ones most likely to be targeted by an everyday criminal.

However, over the years penetration testing services have evolved to be extremely automated and limited in scope. Armed with scanning tools and limited rules of engagements, pen testers tend to focus purely on the technical vulnerabilities within a given system, platform, or segment of the network. Pen tests are usually conducted over short durations of time and their resultant reports offer up recommendations on fixes that architects or developers can make to code and configuration.

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