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Our vision is simple – support global organizations in protecting and securing their technology and data. In short, we do cool stuff with really awesome people.


Pinball, video games, fully-stocked kitchen, hot-dog roller, popcorn popper, Friday lunches, kegerator…all amazing perks, but none are as important as the friendly and fun work environment NetSPI provides. You’ll often find team members congregating after hours watching Jeopardy, playing foosball, or having lively discussions about bitcoin or philosophy.

We also value employee development. Team members regularly receive training to supplement their skill set while attending (and often presenting at) security conferences across the country like DerbyCon and BlackHat USA. Our pentesters were also part of a past DEFCON Hacker Jeopardy winning team.

“I chose NetSPI for the opportunity to work in a smaller, more collaborative company – it gives me the chance to work cross-functionally between teams, and gain more exposure to business areas outside of my day to day job.”

– Heather Neumeister, Recruiter

““I chose NetSPI because I get to work with great people in a collaborative environment, doing what I love to do.””

– Aaron Yaeger, Practice Director

“I chose NetSPI because I have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered.”

– Mani Sarma, QA Manager

“I chose NetSPI because I want to hack the largest companies in the world.”

Jake Reynolds, Senior Security Consultant



NetSPI University is an amazing opportunity for entry-level talent looking to enter the exciting world of cybersecurity. In this competitive training program located in Minneapolis MN, you will join as an Associate Security Consultant and receive hands-on penetration testing experience focused around NetSPI’s proven methodology. We will concentrate on your technical skills, soft skills, and leadership traits to assure your success in the growing information security industry. Are you ready for the challenge? Email with any questions.

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