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Breaking Down External Attack Surface Management (EASM) Featuring Forrester Analyst Erik Nost

“External attack surface management (EASM) helps security and risk pros better assess third parties and M&A targets, uncover and reduce cloud sprawl, and bring IT and security into agreement about risk prioritization,” according to Forrester.

The global research and advisory firm recently released its inaugural research, The External Attack Surface Management Landscape, Q1 2023, which recognizes 36 different vendors, including NetSPI. The report aims to help organizations understand the value they can expect from an EASM solution and navigate the crowded market.

To dig deeper into the findings, we invited Forrester senior analyst and vulnerability management expert Erik Nost to join us as a guest speaker, where we’ll explore:

  • Common misconceptions associated with attack surface management. 
  • How organizations are using EASM today to bring value to their organizations. 
  • The convergence of ASM, CSPM, VRM, CTEM, and similar solutions.
  • Key considerations for selecting an EASM partner. 
  • and much more. 

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Discover how the NetSPI BAS solution helps organizations validate the efficacy of existing security controls and understand their Security Posture and Readiness.