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ASM In Action: NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management Demo

In this video, NetSPI Solutions Architect Scott Henderson provides a deep-dive demo of NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform. Learn how our always-on solution allows companies to improve visibility, inventory, and understanding of both known and unknown assets and exposures on their global attack surface and distill signal from noise. After all, discovery of assets and vulnerabilities is table stakes. What makes offensive security valuable today is its ability to prioritize remediation of issues that matter most to a business.

See ASM in action with this demo, or  set up a conversation with our ASM team to reinforce your security program today.

Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction 

Scott Henderson highlights common challenges security leaders face that led to the development of NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management solution.

2:42 Attack Surface Dashboard Introduction 

Get introduced to the Attack Surface Dashboard within NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management solution, showing summary information related to IPs, Domains, Ports, Vulnerabilities, Locations, and much more. 

3:34 Assets Screen 

Scott shows how to use the Asset Screen to dig deep into your company’s assets, showing detailed information regarding ASNs, Cloud accounts, IP addresses, Domains and more. 

7:10 Exposures Screen 

Watch Scott demo how the Exposures Screen can enable your security teams to gather information such as Detailed discovery chains, Active/Expired SSL/TLS Certificates, Third-party Products, Ports, and more. 

9:54 Vulnerabilities Screen 

Listen to Scott explain how NetSPI leverages our proven ASM technology and our expert manual penetration testers to distill signal from noise, validating, triaging, and providing detailed remediation instructions of your company’s vulnerabilities. 

12:24 Operations, Tags, & Support 

Scott shows a high-level overview of how NetSPI’s ASM includes features to support operations teams, as well as any other teams that may use information gathered from your external attack surface. 

13:09 Settings 

Learn how you can customize your settings within NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management solution to deliver the most value with things such as Vulnerability triggers, Open API, Integrations, Notification Customization, and more. 

15:35 Attack Surface Dashboard 

Listen to Scott explain the features and benefits included within the Attack Surface Dashboard within NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management solution, showing how to get the most out of the summary and trend information displayed on the Attack Surface Dashboard. 

18:27 Dynamic FAQs 

Learn how NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management puts a spin on traditional FAQs. NetSPI puts in additional information to explain what information was provided to us, what we were able to find using our ASM technology and our team, and highlight relevant outlier information that you and your teams should be aware of. 

Demos NetSPI’s ASM Platform at Your Convenience

Being able to test a platform and experience the functionality ahead of making an investment is a point of credibility in your search for the best attack surface management vendors. This brief demo of our ASM platform will equip you and your team with the info you need to know to move forward in your decision.

Watch the demo now, or take your security program to the next level by talking with our team

Watch the Demo


Discover how NetSPI ASM solution helps organizations identify, inventory, and reduce risk to both known and unknown assets.