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Assessing The Threat Landscape And How To Protect Your Organization in 2021

This session was originally shown at InfoSec Finance Connect 2021.

Keeping pace with the threat landscape has become a constant challenge for financial services organizations. Tapping into their years of financial security leadership, Navy Federal Credit Union’s Larry Larsen, BMO Harris’ Yi Li, and NetSPI’s Nabil Hannan assess the current threat landscape and share invaluable advice on how to protect your organization.  

Watch this on-demand presentation from the InfoSec Finance Connect virtual conference to hear expert insights on:

  • Which security threats are on the rise – and why 
  • Recent financial breaches, such as Equifax and Capital One, and what other financial companies can learn from the incidents
  • The importance of threat intelligence and how financial institutions can stay informed of the current environment 
  • How companies can defend against the ever-changing threat landscape with a stable and systematic approach 
  • How to determine the right security activities for your organization 
  • The persistence and prevalence of phishing and business email compromise (BEC) 

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