Application Security Program Roadmap

Define the future state of your application security program and the strategic path forward.

Equip Your Team With a Plan to Improve Your Application Security Program

The application security team and software engineering teams within an organization are constantly partnering to evolve and improve the application security posture for all of their software assets. There’s a constant effort to determine how to improve upon their current efforts and determine what additional activities need to be adopted based on business objectives and security aspirations. A formalized roadmap allows an organization to better prioritize its budgets and resource allocation while reducing the overall application security risk faced by the organization.

The Application Security Program Roadmap equips application security stakeholders with a detailed plan on a realistic approach to improve the Application Security Program with quarterly milestones. Organizations will typically leverage an application security program benchmark to help outline an informed and data-driven approach to define an application security strategy that is customized for appropriate business goals and optimizes the balance between risk reduction and business initiatives.

Strategic Recommendations from Industry Experts

Commonly performed alongside application security benchmarking efforts, the application security program roadmap guides security stakeholders on a path to determine the best approach to optimize their application security program investments towards people, tools/technology, and security practices. We will bring seasoned application security experts to help you on your path to building the ideal foundation for a growing and evolving application security program.

Every Organization is Different

Your organization has unique needs that will shape your approach to application security. Building consensus between business needs, stakeholder priorities, and application security aspirations is key to developing an effective and appropriate Application Security Program.

Put a Stake in the Ground as Your Journey Begins

To begin the effort of evolving your current Application Security Program, start by leveraging an established industry standard framework for Application Security to benchmark and objectively understand the current state of your application security activities. Organizations that are at the inception stage of their Application Security Program, instead of benchmarking, we would recommend selecting a handful of applications or network segments that are representative of the organization’s assets and perform penetration tests against those assets. This allows for early discovery of the types of vulnerabilities that exist in the organization’s assets and the ability to leverage the output of the assessment to help define focus areas that require immediate attention from an Application Security perspective.

Determine Your Security Aspirations and Goals

We will work closely with all the appropriate business stakeholders to understand the Application Security needs and priorities from a business perspective. As part of this effort, we will leverage the decades of expertise and experience from our team to help define Application Security goals for the organization that meet the necessary business needs and is realistic. We will ensure that based on your business vertical, we will take the appropriate regulations and compliance pressures into consideration as part of the roadmap creating effort.

Define the Appropriate Timeline and Key Milestones

The Application Security landscape is constantly evolving. It’s important to ensure that your organization’s Application Security goals are properly documented to get buy-in from leadership and to ensure all stakeholders are properly aligned in their understanding of the organization’s Application Security vision. As part of this process, it’s also important to ensure that timelines, level of effort, and budgets are documented with key milestones helping measure progress towards the organization’s Application Security goals.

Plan Ahead with Confidence

  • Evangelize AppSec Program priorities to get buy-in, budgets, staff, and implementation support from executive management.
  • Tailor your AppSec Program to your organization’s business needs and drive consensus amongst applicable stakeholders.
  • Build an objective view of the current state of your AppSec activities within your SDLC using an industry standard security framework.
  • Define target maturity goals for your AppSec Program.
  • Develop a realistic roadmap to accomplish AppSec Program maturity aspirations.
  • Estimate level of effort and necessary budget.
  • Set key quarterly milestones for all activity.

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