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Explore our penetration testing and attack surface management capabilities

Penetration Testing
as a Service

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) is NetSPI’s delivery model for penetration testing. It enables you to simplify the scoping of new engagements, view testing results in real time, orchestrate faster remediation, perform always-on continuous testing, and more – all through the Resolve™ platform.

  • Enhanced, Real-Time Reporting
  • Accelerated Remediation
  • Reduced Administrative Time
  • Continuous Testing
  • Find Vulnerabilities Faster with Scan Monster™

Application Pentesting

Our application security testing services identify, validate, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your web, mobile, thick, and virtual applications.

  • Web Application Pentest
    Evaluate your web applications for security vulnerabilities and gain actionable guidance for remediation and program maturity.
  • Mobile Application Pentest
    To ensure mobile application security, find and fix critical vulnerabilities in client-side and backend server functionality.
  • Thick Client Application Pentest
    Uncover design and configuration weaknesses in your client-side thick applications and gain actionable guidance for remediation and program maturity.
  • Virtual Application Pentest
    Identify the risks specific to applications published through virtualization platforms, such as VMware and Citrix.
  • AppSec as a Service
    Gain support managing multiple areas of your application security program. With AppSec as a Service, NetSPI serves as an extension of your team.

Network Pentesting

Our network penetration testing services identify, validate, and prioritize vulnerabilities on internal, internet facing, and cloud-based IT infrastructure.

  • Internal Network
  • External Network
  • Wireless Network
  • Host-Based
  • Mainframe Infrastructure
  • Virtual Desktop

Cloud Pentesting

NetSPI’s cloud penetration testing identifies configuration issues and vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure and guides you to close the gaps to improve your cloud security posture.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud (GCP)

Adversary Simulation

Collaborate with NetSPI to simulate real-world attack scenarios to assess and improve your security controls.

  • Red Team:

    Black Box, Assumed Breach, Collaborative

    Test your organization’s security controls, detection capabilities, incident response, and training from the perspective of a real-world, sophisticated adversary.
  • Detective Control Review:

    MITRE ATT&CK and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Simulation

    Test your breach detection technologies and receive recommendations to build defenses against the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real-world attackers.

Social Engineering

Ensure your employees are ready. Validate and improve your procedural security controls and employee awareness training.

  • Email (Phishing)
  • Phone (Vishing)
  • On-site Assessment
  • Physical Pentest

Strategic Advisory

Learn how to build a well-balanced, business-objective driven, mature application security program.

  • Application Security Assessment
    Develop an application security program that evolves with the changing threat landscape. Work with NetSPI on program roadmapping, industry benchmarking, and metric identification.
  • Application Security Design Review
    Identify which applications need the most investment and focus through a design level assessment.
  • Threat Modeling
    Understand the current state of your software security and receive extensive, context-aware remediation guidance for hard-to-fix software architecture flaws.

Secure Code Review

Find and remediate security vulnerabilities earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) – at the source code level.

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Secure Code Review (SCR)
  • SAST Triaging
  • Remediation Validation
  • Secure Code Warrior

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