Red Team Security

Simulated attacks enhance your infosec program. NetSPI’s experts use innovative approaches and technologies to test your controls, policy, and security training effectiveness.


In today’s environment, it’s not a matter of if your organization’s sensitive information, network, or hardware will be the target of a breach or compromise, but when. It’s imperative to understand how successfully your company can resist an attack from a malicious adversary. That’s where NetSPI’s red team security comes in.



NetSPI’s renowned Red Team Security capabilities have been successfully implemented for over 14 years. Using techniques that no individual tool has, and that no single inspection would find, our expert methods are synthesized in our proprietary NetSPI Resolve™ platform.

NetSPI’s Red Team Security ethical hacking services use those same experienced penetration testers and proven methodology to mimic a real-world attack across a range of potential entry points on applications, front-end and back-end systems, and networks. The Red Team may use phishing and other social engineering methods, manual techniques ranging from no holds barred to specified attack vectors with specific parameters.

With our Red Team Security service, NetSPI mimics a real-world adversary and employs covert techniques in an attempt to remain undetected. Consequently, the number of people in your organization who are aware of our efforts tends very small, and only key-personnel are briefed.

NetSPI will base its Red Team Security testing on scenarios and rules of engagement developed in collaboration with those high-level stakeholders. NetSPI is known for having well-defined methodologies, and we leverage and apply them flexibly in Red Team projects. Throughout the duration of the Red Team project, NetSPI coordinates its activities with the appropriate personnel to ensure that testing objectives are being met without endangering the environment.

At the conclusion of a NetSPI Red Team Security project, you will receive a detailed briefing on any vulnerabilities that our team uncovered, providing a much clearer understanding of where your organization’s defenses are weak or strong. You will also receive our recommendations on effective countermeasures that you can take to strengthen the security of your applications, your systems, your network – your entire environment.

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The NetSPI Red Team gives you a superior measure of the resiliency, detection, and responsiveness of your entire environment, including protective, detective, and reactive controls that are in place – you see how your organization would respond to an actual threat. The NetSPI Red Team service:

  • Provides a more accurate assessment of the real-world vulnerabilities of your production apps, systems and networks
  • Substantiates claims of improved security
  • Helps justify and prioritize additional needed investments
  • Sharpens the skills of in-house staff
  • Tests detective controls and operational response
  • Organizations that already have comprehensive penetration testing and other security programs in place are excellent candidates for our Red Team service



To learn more about testing the effectiveness of your organization’s detective and preventative controls, check out this blog post written by Scott Sutherland.

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