Application Penetration Testing

Our application security testing services identify, validate, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your web, mobile, and thick applications.

Application Penetration Testing Services: Get ahead of a breach

Your most important applications deserve expert penetration testing. NetSPI’s dynamic application security testing experts leverage highly specialized tools, custom testing setups, and ethical hacking techniques to find and exploit application security gaps, and prioritize the most important vulnerabilities.

Know about your real vulnerabilities with our risk-based application penetration testing services, including:

The NetSPI Difference

NetSPI delivers industry-leading penetration testing expertise and a vulnerability
management platform that makes penetration test results actionable.
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A collaborative team with experience and expertise produces the highest
quality of work

Consistent processes with formalized quality assurance and oversight deliver consistent results
Technology allows more focus on testing and scales to large engagements and multiple ongoing projects
Actionable guidance by a trusted partner from the start of the engagement to the end of remediation

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Pentest your applications to:

Avoid breaches

Discover your vulnerabilities and exposure, before a breach occurs

Achieve compliance

Meet network security testing requirements from a third party

Improve security

Learn how to strengthen your network security program

Augment your team

Get a fresh set of eyes from penetration testing experts

Web Application Penetration Testing

Now that perimeter network security is more evolved, web applications are being targeted as one of the weakest links.

NetSPI identifies vulnerabilities in the network, system and application layers of a web application that allow us to elevate user privilege, manipulate data, and gain access to restricted functionality or data. We manually verify all exploitable and significant vulnerabilities.

During our web application penetration testing service, NetSPI will evaluate your web application for security vulnerabilities, and provide actionable guidance for remediating the vulnerabilities and improving your organization’s application risk posture.

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We Test Web Application Security For:


  • Injection
  • Broken authentication
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • XML external entities (XXE)
  • Broken access control
  • Security misconfiguration
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Insecure deserialization
  • Components with known vulnerabilities
  • Insufficient logging & monitoring

Thick Application Penetration Testing

Thick applications house large amounts of sensitive data. NetSPI uses multi-vector testing to identify design and configuration weaknesses.

NetSPI’s approach to thick application risk assessments includes reviewing server-side controls, data communication paths, and potential client-related issues.

NetSPI tests the security between the server and client to identify communication or encryption vulnerabilities in order to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their application security posture and how to improve it.

For applications that are hosted, or use cloud services, NetSPI has an additional set of tests to ensure the application deployment and cloud environments are secure.

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We Test Thick Application Security For:


  • Network transmissions
  • Client-side injection
  • Backdoors
  • Data storage
  • Improper error handing
  • Server-side controls
  • Strong authentication
  • Information leakage
  • Parameter manipulation
  • Least privilege authorization
  • Data protection in transit
  • Client-side cryptography storage

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The pressure to quickly get a mobile app to market can lead to weak security and a lack of penetration testing.

NetSPI identifies vulnerabilities in your mobile application infrastructure that make your organization susceptible to an external or internal threat.

NetSPI will pentest your mobile application on Android and/or iOS for vulnerabilities. We’ll evaluate the target application from the perspective of both anonymous and authenticated users.

We manually test for security controls in four essential areas: file system, memory, network communications, and GUI.

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We Test Mobile Application Security For:


  • Insecure data storage
  • Client-side injection vulnerabilities
  • Data flow issues
  • Weak server-side controls
  • Poor authentication and authorization
  • Side channel data leakage
  • Insufficient transport layer protection
  • Improper session handling
  • Cryptography
  • Sensitive information disclosure

Virtual Application Penetration Testing and Breakout Assessments

It has become common for companies to make their traditional desktop applications accessible from the internet by publishing them through virtualization platforms like Citrix or VMware. Those platforms make it easy for remote employees, partners, and vendors to access existing desktop applications without requiring the large investment that comes with rewriting legacy apps for the web. However, with the ease of access comes additional risks that don’t have to be considered for desktop applications living behind a firewall.

During Virtual Application Penetration Tests, NetSPI will identify the risks specific to applications published through virtualization platforms along with traditional application testing to help ensure that your company is staying safe while trying to adapt to evolving business needs.

During Virtual Application Breakout Assessments, NetSPI will identify vulnerabilities that provide unauthorized access to the operating system through applications published via virtualization platforms like Citrix and VMware.

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AppSec as a Service

NetSPI’s AppSec as a Service offering is a strategic offering to help our clients manage multiple areas of their Application Security program. By partnering with NetSPI to manage your AppSec program, you can free up your team members’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives, while NetSPI can provide support of day to day AppSec operations.

This program combines the power of technology through our Resolve™ platform and our leading consulting services to ensure you are able to build and manage a world class AppSec program by partnering with NetSPI to drive your AppSec program and meet your objectives.

NetSPI’s AppSec as a Service enables a secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC). This modular and scalable approach to application security comprises multiple components that may be deployed as a complete program or individually, integrating with existing processes and technologies.

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