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Dealing with Mobile Devices in a Corporate Environment

There is a paradigm shift occurring with mobile technology due to the convergence of corporate and personal use of devices. When personal devices are introduced into the corporate IT environment, a hardline stance against allowing this sort of activity is a good way to substantially reduce risk but, with managers and executives among the users wanting to consolidate their personal and company smartphones, such a stance is unrealistic.

Today, information security professionals find themselves struggling to manage the risk posed by devices that are permitted to access corporate resources but are not fully controlled by the company. These devices could be company-owned but have an assortment of downloaded personal applications or they could be personal devices connected to corporate wireless networks, email servers, web applications, and other data stores. Providing employees with mobile applications that allow direct access to sensitive data increases an organization’s cyber security risk.

While the challenge is certainly daunting, the situation is not as grim as it may seem. There are still strategies that can be applied to reduce the risks posed by these mobile devices. In this whitepaper, discover 11 effective strategies for mobile security, including establishing strong policies, restricting web application functionality, assessing mobile applications, and more.

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