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Continuous network testing
Continuous web application testing
Live vulnerability reporting
Unlimited vulnerability hosting
Vulnerability deduplication
Risk scoring (beta)
Custom severities
User assignments
Custom remediation SLAs
Personalized checklists and questionnaries
Import internal and 3rd party vulnerabilities
Dedicated project manager
Self-service pentest scoping
Program Management Dashboard
Access to a NetSPI Managing Director
Manual verification of findings
Asset discovery
Real-time communication with NetSPI
Allow internal security tester to use Resolve
PDF/CSV report
12-month Resolve access
Integration with your ticketing systems
Vulnerability analysis via Resolve’s Data Lab
Integration with internal vulnerability scanners
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Field-level authorization
User-defined fields
Custom notifications

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Ask Our Clients

“The results were easy to view and digest, meaning I could go in and resolve some of the issues to harden our network immediately. I feel like our environment is definitely better from having that penetration test and taking the time on remediation steps.”

Ryan Newlon

IT Manager at Co-Mo Connect

“The NetSPI team is easy to work with. They gave all vulnerabilities to our team through a very easy process and the results were clear, making them easy to remediate. In addition, Resolve™ is easy to access and communicate through.”

Dr. Jed Grisel

Co-Founder at Auditory Implant Initiative

“Prior to deploying Resolve, we relied on a collection of manual processes to manage our vulnerability data. There was no workflow capability and the process required a tremendous amount of manual effort. The Resolve solution allowed us to streamline the process, providing a one-stop shop for our vulnerability triage processes.”

Jonathan Klein

CISO at Broadridge Information Security Group


Answers to the most common questions about our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) plans.

  • What is Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)?

    PTaaS is NetSPI’s delivery model for penetration testing. It enables customers to simplify the scoping of new engagements, view their testing results in real time, orchestrate faster remediation, perform always-on continuous testing, and more – all through the Resolve vulnerability management and orchestration platform.

  • Can PTaaS import vulnerabilities from my organization’s internal testing?

    Yes! With the PTaaS Pro plan, we offer the full suite of threat and vulnerability management features Resolve has to offer. This includes importing vulnerabilities from your automated and manual testing efforts, even vulnerabilities from our competitors.

  • How much does each plan cost?

    The base PTaaS plan is included for free with every penetration test you get from NetSPI. PTaaS+ and PTaaS Pro are available at an additional cost. 

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  • Is PTaaS a vulnerability scanner?

    While we use scanners as a baseline for our penetration testing, NetSPI’s expertise is in deep-dive manual penetration testing.

  • What is Scan Monster™?

    Scan Monster is NetSPI’s proprietary scan orchestration engine. Scan Monster allows us to automate our vulnerability scanning so that we spend all of our time hands-on, manually testing your organization’s applications and networks.

  • Do you use crowd-sourced penetration testers?

    Unlike our competition, all of our consultants are full-time employees of NetSPI.

  • Who can use Resolve?

    Anyone in your organization, including CISOs, application owners, vulnerability managers, developers, internal testers, among others, can use Resolve. Further, with PTaaS+ and PTaaS Pro you can limit or customize permissions through the Persona Dashboards to provide different data points and reporting capabilities based on the user’s role.