On December 28, NetSPI Managing Director Florindo Gallicchio was featured in SC Magazine:

What might 2021 bring in term of technology?

Community and market experts found consensus on a few areas. First, cloud security will dominate strategies and investments even more that it did during 2020, as organizations big and small go all in on digital transformation. And second, technologies once deemed “on the horizon” – think automation, 5G and even the much hyped artificial intelligence – will officially arrive.

SC Media collected predictions across a range of categories from cybersecurity experts. Here we give you the tech roundup. Check back during the next couple of weeks to see community predictions for the threat landscape, strategic priorities, and privacy policy.

Automation continues to be a priority, but human context will be the key to security program management and success, says Florindo Gallicchio, managing director at NetSPI:

“By now, we all understand the value automation brings to any security tool. Yet, in 2021, the human element will be pushed to the forefront of security innovation, specifically for our intellect and ability to add context to security findings. Contextualizing security findings will be an invaluable tool to boost remediation efforts in the new year, as the number of vulnerabilities remains exponential and context is key to helping us prioritize.”

Read the full article here: https://www.scmagazine.com/home/year-in-review/2021-tech-predictions-the-conceptual-gets-real/

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