On December 30, NetSPI Managing Director Florindo Gallicchio was featured in SC Magazine:

As companies of all sizes prepare for more challenges tied to the pandemic, as well as an expected transition to a permanent hybrid workforce, security plans will need to adapt. So what kind of strategic shifts might we see in 2021? More sophisticated phishing campaigns will probably mean enhanced email security. Digital identities may grow more appealing. And a surge in M&A could introduce new security considerations.

At least, that’s some of what we heard from the experts. As part of our year in review, which looked at critical events during the last year and how they might influence 2021, SC Media collected predictions across a range of categories from cybersecurity experts. Here, the cyber community reads the tea leaves on evolving strategies of the enterprise.

Security budgets are not necessarily going to increase but will be reprioritized, says Florindo Gallicchio, managing director at NetSPI:

“More dollars will be specifically allocated to cloud security budgets due to the prolonged and, in many cases permanent, remote work opportunities – in other words, a distributed workforce. One exception to stagnant budgets is regulatory drivers. Certain states (e.g. California) and industries (e.g. health care) may need to increase budgets to comply with new or changing regulatory expectations.”

Read the full article here: https://www.scmagazine.com/home/year-in-review/2021-strategy-predictions-shifts-in-business-models-shifts-in-security-priorities/

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