NetSPI Announces New Advisory Services Focused on Threat and Vulnerability Management

NetSPI LLC, the leading security testing and vulnerability orchestration company, today announced a new professional services line delivering Threat and Vulnerability Management Program Development. This new offering expands NetSPI’s professional services and leverages the power of the NetSPI Resolve™ software platform.

As the threat landscape grows in complexity, NetSPI remains committed to helping clients solve the vulnerability management challenge. Enterprises are overwhelmed with application and infrastructure vulnerabilities and have identified the need for a solution that expands beyond technical testing. NetSPI’s solution helps customers evolve from tactical and reactive penetration testing to a proactive program that reduces risk to their business.

“Our clients are faced with a constantly changing attack surface and new emerging threats every day. We created this offering to help them build a program to quickly identify and fix the vulnerabilities most impactful to their business,” said Charles Horton, senior vice president of professional services.

While many service providers offer solutions focusing broadly on overall security strategy or narrowly focused segments of the challenge, we address vulnerability management holistically.

Deke George

NetSPI’s service is designed to help clients evaluate and understand how well they are managing technical vulnerabilities and reducing risk. Their Threat and Vulnerability Management Program Framework evaluates programs in a consistent manner, providing maturity evaluation and a roadmap for continuous improvement. NetSPI focuses on seven foundational elements that must work in concert to address the vulnerability management challenge and reduce risk:

  • Asset Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Secure Software Development
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • Technical Testing
  • Threat Intelligence and Monitoring
  • Incident Response

“While many service providers offer solutions focusing broadly on overall security strategy or narrowly focused segments of the challenge, we address vulnerability management holistically,” said Deke George, NetSPI chief executive officer. “NetSPI is an industry leader in the technical testing space, and this service builds upon that expertise to better strategically serve our clients.”

To learn more about this service, more information can be found here.  On March 8, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. CST NetSPI is hosting an educational webinar on this topic and will provide attendees tools, techniques and best practices for assessing their organization’s security maturity. Register today at

About NetSPI

NetSPI LLC is the leading provider of application and network security testing solutions that support organizations in scaling and operationalizing their threat and vulnerability management programs. The solution portfolio includes program development, security testing, and a software platform for application and infrastructure vulnerability orchestration. Trusted by seven of the top 10 United States banks, two global cloud providers, and many of the Fortune® 500, NetSPI has deep expertise in financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and technology companies. NetSPI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with additional offices in Dallas, Denver, Portland, and New York. For more information about NetSPI, please visit

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