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Healthcare IT and security teams cover a range of responsibilities with limited resources — plus the sensitive PHI they manage is a beacon shining for adversaries. Because of this, hospitals and healthcare facilities have some of the most advanced security programs we’ve ever seen. These teams know that baseline cybersecurity measures only take them so far. When you’re ready to move the needle on a robust cybersecurity strategy, NetSPI’s expert pentesters are a click away.

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Decision-makers rely on proven capabilities and a sound reputation when evaluating healthcare security companies. The advanced nature of programs that protect patient data means a higher level of industry knowledge is required. NetSPI meets this standard by combining technology innovation and human ingenuity to deliver prioritized alerts and continually advance security programs. If four out of five of the world’s largest healthcare organizations trust NetSPI, then you can too.

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"NetSPI's insights and recommendations were invaluable in strengthening our security posture and protecting our sensitive data (PHI)." - Ebenezer Frimpong, Information Security Analyst, Trella Health

Lead with Risk Management to Enhance Healthcare Security

Hear from Director, Enterprise Security Risk Governance Phil Morris on how NetSPI empowers his team to advance their security program from a risk-based perspective. Our partnership centers on three areas: functioning as a team, timely remediation steps, and continuous process improvement with Breach and Attack Simulation. With a shared understanding of objectives in light of business nuances, NetSPI brings the breadth and depth from 20+ years in the industry to enhance the security of a global healthcare ecosystem.

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Defend Against Ransomware Testing as a Service (PTaaS) Features

For healthcare organizations, it’s not if but when a ransomware attack will occur. NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation platform executes customized procedures to simulate real-world attack behaviors. Put your detection controls to the test in a way no other organization can.

Protect PHI Against Data Breaches

The healthcare industry processes sensitive data, making regulatory frameworks essential for compliance. Following standards such as HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, or CIS is a step toward keeping PHI secure. NetSPI’s application and network pentesting streamlines vulnerability discovery for faster remediation to ensure data remains safe.

Upgrade Medical Device Security

Determine possible design flaws in the software, hardware, and communication methods of medical devices that could weaken their security. NetSPI helps teams improve medical device security at scale through a combination of threat modeling and penetration testing.

“NetSPI worked hand-in-hand with my staff and showed them not only how to perform a breach and attack simulation but also handed them the toolkits to repeat it all themselves later.” - Information Security Officer, Healthcare Company

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