Hear from our Security Experts

The Immortal Retrofuturism of Mainframe Computers and How to Keep Them Safe 

When: Tuesday, August 6 | 2:30-2:55pm
Location: Proving Ground Track

Michelle Eggers
Security Consultant

When you used your debit card today, do you know where that transaction was sent? Though it may conjure archival images of a 1950’s IT room stocked with enormous, low-tech machines, Mainframe technology is both modernized and heavily relied upon today. Mainframes are tasked with supporting not only the billions of banking and retail transactions that occur daily, but also managing the production workloads of government entities, healthcare conglomerates, transportation industries, and more.

Mainframe architecture is some of the most reliable tech heavily in operation today, able to manage incredibly large input/output volumes with low risk of downtime and there are few signs of it being sunset in the decades to come. As protectors of the cyber landscape, understanding how to secure mainframe architecture will remain important for any business entity that touches upon this behemoth technology.

In this talk we’ll explore the pervasiveness of mainframe technology, why it will remain relevant to the future landscape of mission critical-applications, and 5 trusted solutions for helping to secure these incredible computers. 


August 6-7


Tuscany, Las Vegas