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Larry "Patch" Trowell


Director, Hardware and Embedded Systems

Larry Trowell is NetSPI’s Director of Hardware and Embedded Systems, renowned for his tenacity and prowess in "hacking anything with a chip." With a passion for finding security flaws in various hardware and embedded technologies, Larry has been able to transform several embedded industries’ approach to security, building a reputation as a visionary in technological innovations, and as a respected thought leader in Cyber-Security for Hardware & Embedded Systems.

Larry has a master’s (MS) degree in Mathematics with an emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science. In a distinguished career as a senior security expert in embedded systems that includes companies in the Fortune 250, he has aided in the design and security of multiple devices in the automotive, financial, medical, wireless, and multimedia industries, earning Larry an extensive knowledge repository in the design of bare metal and low-level embedded devices, demonstrating his exceptional expertise in software and hardware development.

Larry Trowell’s skill and tenure in continuing meaningful, proactive security research and development of bleeding-edge tooling, such as that of advanced laser logic state imaging devices, and the engineering of a cutting-edge optical-based fault injection machine, has earned him recognition industry-wide as a hardware and embedded systems security expert and hacker extraordinaire.

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